Bet corner in football

Bet on the corner in football

Ставка на угловые в футболеFootball can be called not a game of millions, but billions. Not surprisingly, in this seemingly simple and not very spectacular (at least in terms of number of goals) the fun is spinning a huge amount of money. Contracts, sponsors, broadcast… And sports betting — bookmakers football is always given maximum attention. This is evidenced by the sheer variety of different lines — so literally everyone can come up with something of their own, to predict one of the huge number of events. If you do it right, you can earn good money.

Usually, the focus is centered around goals: who will score more and therefore win (the overall result), will see how many goals (total) or with what gap the best man win (handicap). But the totals suggest that on many games not just for the goals — it is highly profitable to guess the number of corners. Plus in this kind of bet is that there is no need to go to one, specific and precise figure is enough to get to the range, which will include the final value. The bookies put this conditional distinction is not only total, total, but also individually when need to guess the number of corners for a particular opponent. There are also more exotic options, so called “odds”. With so much at stake in the lottery I expect all of the standard for this kind of rules, instead we take account the number of corners earned and enjoyed each of the rivals. In General, the options are there, and quite varied.

As usual, there are some tricks rules followed by experienced players who have been working with this type of rules. As usual and obviously, before final choice of bet is obligatory regardless of the stats of your opponents, focusing on the last game in the tournament and head to heads. But there are those moments that need special attention.

First, ask yourself what is the motivation of the opponents? For a large number of angular, it is desirable to have more attacks, ideally at speed on the flanks. And this happens only in games where opponents, at least one, there is a clear interest in winning the victory (and preferably both). If the tournament is the game has, there is a risk that clubs, especially one, prefer to “roll” in the center of the field.

Secondly, it is necessary to know the style of the clubs/teams. Corner often the case with teams that have the wingers of skilled players and tries to play through the flanks. The second option is the presence of “post” in the attack, a striker with the ability to play head: logic and statistics shows that more sheds — more time will be knocked defenders over the line of the field, usually on the corner.

And, of course, the difference in class. Corny, but an outsider in a pair, usually less attack — it is unlikely they will have many of the standards in front of goal. But his “frame” defenders will often make the ball anywhere.


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