Bet against the Champion early in the season

Bet against the Champion early in the season

How anxiously we await the start of the European football in a particular League, following in the off-season with the transfer of the leader of a club. And here comes the long awaited day and we are driven by passion, look at the line. Incidentally, the word “passion” came into Russian language from French “hasart”, which means “risk.” France got it from Spain, along with the dice game (“azar”), and the Spanish borrowed it, along with the game, from the Arabs. But only in the Russian language the concept of gambling is associated with almost all aspects of life. Now, look at the line, but the coefficient is small. “Yes, it’s for the best,” you think, adding this one hundred percent stake in the Express, or download a large amount on a single bet. “The club League champion, and well appreciated, and the ratio is small”, we think, betting on victory. And playable. What is this accident? Bad luck? Or a pattern? View the behavior of leaders in the beginning according to statistics for several years:

Italy Serie a:

    2nd game of 2006/07 M inter — Sampdoria 1:1

    1st meeting of the 2007/08 inter — Udinese 1:1

    1st match of the 2008/09 Sampdoria — inter 1:1

    1st game of the 2009/10 inter M — Bari 1:1

English Premier League:

    2nd game of the 2006/07 Middlesbrough — Chelsea 2:1

    2007/08 1st meeting Manchester UTD — reading 0:0

    The 2nd match of the 2007/08 Portsmouth — Manchester UTD 1:1

    3rd round of the 2007/08 Manchester city — Manchester UTD 1:0

    1st game of the 2008/09 Manchester UTD — Newcastle 1:1

    The 2nd match of the 2009/10 Burnley — Manchester UTD 1:0

As we can see, Champions don’t win in the first games and that you can make good money even with the minimum bets, because the odds on the opposing team is very high. For example, in the victory over Burnley Manchester UTD office generously gave a factor of 10.You should also follow the behavior of the club at the end of the season, especially if he clinched the championship in the remaining 2-3 games he did not have. In these cases the bookmakers generously high odds against the leader.

This happens in virtually all the Premier League, and this can make anyone interested by contacting the statistics on Unibet.

Change coaches, change lineups, but one thing remains unchanged for many years – leaders don’t win in the first games.

You can give thousands of arguments and assumptions, what happens with the best teams in the first and last games. May be affected by the lack of understanding of the team, because many of the clubs have returned after a break of several new members. Maybe the leaders intentionally borrow the glasses in the beginning of the tournament the weaker teams, so that later, when they would be torn between the Premier League and Champions League, they were able to return to their duty, without resistance after losing the game. However, except the clubs that no one can not know for certain, and we can only good to make money…

I’m betting against the leader in the first games and, going back to the statistics, it turns out very good, but when you consider that odds are very high it is still very profitable. The most important thing not to lose a monetary advantage throughout the season, but that’s a different strategy and tactics. Good luck with the bidding, play and win!

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