Best Twitter account for betting on basketball

Best Twitter account to bet on basketball

Лучшие аккаунты в Твиттере для ставок на баскетболThe NBA consists of 30 teams. In order to gather information, which can improve your decisions during the match, you could follow the official Twitter account of each team and its main sponsors bits. It is a difficult task, and before you will find the necessary information, you will receive an insane amount of tweets. To help you, we offer you a list of Twitter accounts of NBA, which will help you to bet on basketball. Twitter can be a great source of information to get your bets on basketball and the change in the coefficients. Already very many people who like to bet on sports are actively using this social network for betting on basketball, and while NBA games in particular.


John Schumann is “advanced by the author of statistics for”. If you are looking for statistics and Analytics, can continue not to watch. On his account he posts statistics that show the effectiveness of the team as the team play with individual players on the court and much more. When betting on NBA, could result in benefits actual opinion about the real situations of real NBA players.


Another useful account for players who want to use statistical analysis. Starting from the basic points per game (PPG) to the more vague indicators such as attempts to block the ball (BLKA), the wide range of individual statistics commands provided by this account will have a big impact on your rate in the NBA


Mark Stein is trusted by ESPN NBA reporter, who frequently gets “insider” and writes deep and insightful article. With a proven track record and ability to decipher what is rumor and what is truth, Twitter Brand will give you an advantage over other players and, more importantly, bookmakers.


This account is called “your best source for all of sports betting” and it is not far from the truth. Simple and free online service bid information (for a fee, you can expand the services they offer), this account is a valuable tool for anyone who makes a bet on basketball. Constant updates of the statistics relating to different types of bets on basketball. This Twitter account is suitable for all those who bet on the NBA, from beginners to experienced players.


Gives you the latest information about injuries, and sends the starting lineups for the game. Always one of the first who has information about the injuries, @FantasyLabsNBA will provide you with important information that will affect your bets – if a player gets injured and stays out of the starting lineup, it will have a big impact on the position in which you decide to put it.


Widely considered as the “Bible of basketball” and is the “center of news, information and articles about the NBA”. Using information obtained from a large number of sites on the Internet, @TheVertical takes away a lot of information for everyone who bets on basketball. Although opinions and video fragments are more suitable for entertainment purposes, there is a lot of content, which is suitable for anyone interested in basketball in General.


Jalen rose is a former player and now sports analyst and radio host your own show. He’s very Frank and interesting, although his views are not directly linked with bids, he has at least a useful perspective is the insider’s view on how players can feel that may have value for your solution in the bet on basketball.


Nate Duncan is one of the best in the business from the point of view in-depth analysis and breakdown of key games. Most of his tweets are subjective opinions, but they are well informed and can help to expand your knowledge while betting on the NBA – his podcast episodes devoted to the chemistry of the teams and other issues also offer excellent information.


Mike Wilbon one of the organizers Pardon Interruption, an analyst with ABC / ESPN, NBA, and also a columnist for and ESPN Chicago. Although it is not technically a commentator, he is known and respected man in this area. Twitter Mike – great fun, but it often also provides his followers with amazing stories.

The Twitter account will surely help players to improve their knowledge in the field of betting in the NBA and do a search on basketball betting markets a much easier task.


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