Best strategies for sports betting

What strategy sports betting should pay attention to?

Experienced punters rarely bet with bookies at random. Usually every professional gambler has a clearly developed plan that helps to increase the chance that the rate of play. Yes, it works not always and not all. But better to have a plan and follow it than to set chaotically and without hesitation.

Such precise and consistent behavior better in the world of betting is called a strategy. The main goal of any gambler is to win not only more, but also as a possible more stable to make a profit on an ongoing basis. And for this there are a number of strategies designed, for the most part, to use over a long period of time.

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The most popular among punters betting strategies for sports

There are hundreds, if not thousands of such plans, helping fans of bets to bet and win. But how effective are they? Is it worth spending time and money on the study of each such plan and to check how good it is? To help you with a difficult task in choosing the optimal method of earning on the transactions with the bookmakers, we have collected in this article some of the best and worthy of strategies that can be used for different sports. And get a kind of TOP 8:

1. The Dogon. Perfect for batters of an average hand who are no longer beginners, but at the same time, has not yet become real pros. Based on the ability to count and care.

2. Time matches. Pretty simple strategy, allowing you to obtain good profit even beginners, with the most modest cost.

3. Outcomes. Good option for betting, which will surely appeal to beginners for its simplicity and plainness.

4. Totals. This plan is the majority of punters like to use for only two possible outcome of an event, which greatly increases the chances of winning, with a detailed analysis of the game, match or meet, of course.

5. Account. This strategy is called a Profi is ideal for beginners as it is not too complicated and quite profitable.

6. Corridors. A relatively clear and accessible (both temporal and financial costs) strategy that can be used by all bettors.

7. Value Betting. This math strategy is to advise all lovers of accurate calculations and detailed analysis of the line BC, the size of the coefficients and other important nuances.

8. Playing on the plug. This method can be used only in case if a wager from at least two of BK. But this strategy will bring a stable profit though small, but permanent wins.

9. System Express. Method allows by creating different combinations of multiple bets, to bring the player to a positive for its capital outcome.

However, you should not rely on place strategy in this rating. Any of them you can use at your discretion, but remember that most of them bring a good profit only in the long term.

A more detailed description of each strategy:

1. Strategy The Dogon

The purpose of this plan is to make a bet on the same event up until the outcome you predicted will not happen. That is why this strategy is ideal for betting in live when better constantly monitors what is happening in the sports arena.

It works like this. For example, you are watching a football game and bet on the victory of one team with one goal. If everything is perfect, Dogon you to use and do not need. If your favorite starts to lose, just bet twice to win the other team, but in two times more to cover the losses from the previous one, not played the bet. But you need to stop (in a pinch, you can use the Dogon in the other match and catch up in the next event), otherwise you risk to squander your entire Bank.

2. Strategy Half-match

The basis of this strategy is the betting not only on the outcome of events in General, but on completing his first half (of the half, multiple sets, period, etc.). If the mind to manage their funds, it is possible to disrupt a good sum, especially if you bet on a draw in the first game. After all, in the same football in the first half very often end parity is known even novice bettors.

3. Strategists The Outcome

This strategy is one of the most simple and perfect like a real Pro and novice. It is the elementary analysis of the upcoming sporting event, identify a clear favorite (or, in the case of the lack thereof, betting on a draw) and bet on his victory. The main drawback of such a plan can be considered a quite modest factors which give the majority of bookmakers in the presence of a clear leader in the upcoming couple of opponents.

4. Strategy Total

The meaning of this clear and easy to understand strategy is based on the fact that under this option deals with the bookie you can not particularly to delve into Analytics or mathematical calculations. Enough to put the outcome of more or less value, which offers the office.

For example, for football matches the majority of BK give totals about 2.5, at a basketball – from 180 to 210, and on hockey the meeting of four and a half to six and a half. Thus, about figuring the difference in class of opponents and their usual number of missed and scored goals per match can immediately make a bet. It is worth noting that the best odds for the total BC offer punters before the event, so try to make such bets in regular mode and not live.

5. Strategy Account

Most beginners presume betting strategy on account of the very difficult as to predict the exact outcome of a sporting event even for the real pros is very difficult. Actually it is not so. For example, most soccer games end in a draw zero result (or 1:1), or a winner with a margin of one, maximum two goals. So it is enough to put only a few options for the completion of the match, based on statistics of the team. And win one of, say, three deals, be sure to cover all the expenses and leave you with a good profit. Especially given the fact that this kind of bets in most offices will appreciate the hitters very high coefficients.

6. Strategy Corridors

In some English-language sources, this strategy is called “means” (middles). The meaning of the corridors is the conclusion of two different bet in BC for the same event, the total of which will lead to at least refund the money spent on the bet. And at best will make good money.

For example, you make bets at two different bookmakers on a basketball game. In one of them you have the coefficient equal to two, the odds of minus four and a half. And the other bookmaker has taken your bet with the same odds to win the other team, but the handicap is already in the plus five and a half. In the end, whatever the club did not win, in the worst case you will lose the same amount in the same office to win in another. If rates in both BC will play, you get a great profit. The main thing in this strategy all the calculate correctly and fit into the corridor.

7. The strategy of Value Betting, also known as some domestic batters coined the word “valuy”.

The essence of this strategy is to study the line BC, detailed analysis and the search for the so-called underrated events. It is on them, some bookmakers offer too high odds, if you take into account the probability of the desired outcome and other factors.

For example, it looks like. You know that a certain club wins out every third game. And BK to win gives this team a factor 3.3. So now you have three match of this club out of their own stadium to put one dollar to win three dollars and thirty cents.

The reality is a little more difficult, but after gathering some experience, you can have a stable, though not quite a big profit with almost every cycle in some rates.

8. Playing on the plug – ARB

The point of this strategy is to find at least two of the events, putting you in any case will win or at least come to zero. Many experts call the “plug” win-win strategy in the sense that in any case you will get more than will be spent on bets. Please remember that this is not fair play in several offices at the same time (if you will put from one account to the opposite outcomes) you can close the access to the personal account forever…read more>>

A few words about financial strategies

Лучшие стратегии ставок на спортIn addition to the above-described slot strategies, there are a great many of their peers, which is much more relate to financial management. Such plans are designed for correct distribution of the Bank the calculation of maximum permitted rates and other important nuances associated with your money.

Overall financial strategies exist, almost the same amount as the game. And they also should not be squeamish, as, for example, such popular options as flat or a Kelly system will help you preserve and multiply your assets faster!

Select the optimal system for betting

Returning to the question about strategies and tactics for betting in BC (previously on our site you can read the material of “two out of three” and the like), it’s impossible not to talk about a whole range of popular methods of enrichment at the conclusion of betting. It is worth noting that some of them are not designed to receive fabulous profits, and, primarily, to reduce its losses at the expense of not played the bet.

In any case, if you want to earn steadily on the bookmakers, not just to give them your money, this material will be useful to you regardless of whether you consider yourself a real Pro or are completely green rookie in betting. Let’s move on to the description and principles of operation of each of the popular methods for games in BC. And make up a kind of

TOP 10 most popular tactics and systems :


This system is based on the principles of equal amounts of bets that are better in any case will not change. That is, the player should always bet on a certain fixed amount even if he really wants to put on another “sure thing” almost all their savings. A caveat is that capital grows, you will be able to use for a single event of a larger amount, if you learn to properly manage your capital.

It works as follows. Let’s say you have one thousand rubles, which you are ready to pull the bookmaker. Bet on amount equal to five percent of your total capital. That is, make a bet for fifty roubles. As soon as your capital will grow at the expense of prizes, you can increase the amount but as a percentage it should remain the same. That is, if you earned five hundred rubles, you will be able to put seventy-five rubles – the same five percent of a thousand.

The flat was originally developed several decades ago and used successfully in many games of chance. Its main advantages include a lack of ability to squander all the money, the stability, better, and the ability to adjust the plan and tactics already in the course of betting, without changing the rules of the method. Of the minuses is worth noting the small rate of growth of capital and a high chance of failure of the system because of the desire to put more than the specified “limit”.

Strategy fixed percentage

In some ways, this system is similar to the flat. It should also determine the size of the bet, but this is not done in advance, and in front of each betting. This approach makes the chances of getting a profit much faster, than the same flat. But when a large series is not played bets will have to try, otherwise return the starting capital will not be easy. But despite the fact that before each bet will have to spend a bit of time to recalculate its size, this method works and helps to a modest but steady income.

Strategy fixed profit

The feature of this method is to choose the same payout for each bet. That is, while betting with the odds of 2.0 you will need to put a hundred to win the same amount. At the same time to get the same one hundred rubles for “Coffey” in 3.0, it will be enough to bet fifty. All calculations takes less than a minute – enough to subtract from the coefficient unit and to divide the resulting number the amount that you would like to win.

The only problem is that with this approach it is not easy to predict the increase or decrease of start-up capital, which (especially after a few not played bets in a row) will decrease until for an indefinite amount. But with good hands you can easily determine the number of notes in its capital.

Martingale Method

The main feature of this approach is to raise the amount after each failure so that the profit from winning a new bet with a bookie overlaps the previous failure. Usually this method we refer to as “catching up”. When large risks to squander all of the money (if you start a real black stripe) at bat gets a stable income not only in the long term and in the medium term.

Method anti martingale

Completely the opposite system to that described above. Its meaning is to reduce all subsequent bets in the event of failure, and increase them each time you win. There is a risk to lose all your savings, as can happen if you play according to martingale method, is minimized, and with a successful outcome in the long term you can get a good profit.

The Method Of D’alembert

Something this option is similar to the strategy of the martingale method. The only difference is that after not played a bet, it is necessary to increase the sum for the conclusion of the next bet is exactly the size of the previous loss. And if he wins the same amount bet should be reduced. And keep in mind that we are talking about the size of bets, not profits or losses.

Given the fact that it is possible to squander all of the money (if a series of losses will be delayed), this is still very often used by many punters. After all, even if half won bet you can get good profit because the size of each subsequent bet will make up for previous failures.

Method anti-D’alembert

As the name implies, a complete contrast to the above system. In case of failure, the rate must be reduced, and after winning to increase. A bit risky method, but in the long run can significantly enrich you.

Method Grind

This option is based on the method of D’alembert. But the difference is that immediately after the system plus you will reset the bet size to initial value. Thus, if you raised fifty roubles, lost three times and increased the amount for wagering to two hundred rubles, if you win, you again will reset the bet to fifty. With this approach, the profit will not be too large, but the risk of losing everything is minimized.

System Kelly criterion

This strategy is usually used only by professional punters. It is based on a detailed study and determination of the chance probability of an outcome of every single event that is going to put the player. You then need to compare them with various ratios in BC and to calculate overvalued or undervalued by the bookies if the probability of such an outcome.

It works as follows. If your rate is the probability of the outcome as a percentage of the ratio of BC and is divided into one hundred is greater than one, then the bookie a bet underestimates. And this event can be safely put.

Provided that better well versed “in the know” and be able to predict most of his deals, he not only never lose your starting capital, but consistently get a small, but still profit.

The Method Of Miller

In this system, bets are only made on such a bet, the odds of two outcomes, which are approximately equal. But if the chances are about 50/50, enough to win at least fifty-one out of a hundred, to always stay in the black.


Remember, these ten systems are not canons. You can use any other tactics and strategies, which over the decades has developed several thousand. But these techniques are used by the majority of punters around the world. Many of them have become real pros thanks to the above systems.

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