Astric in sports betting

Astrik in sports betting

Апстрик в ставках на спортThe term “astrik” is not only used in sports betting, but in roulette, poker and other gambling games. Upstream called a series of successful bets (starts with two consecutive victories). In other words, it is the streak. Regardless of experience and level of knowledge, astrik happens all betterof. Astrik may last 5, 10 or 20 bets, but after losing it ends.

Professional players would be unprofitable if the history of their bets to take the winning series. Long-distance games aptrick gives you the opportunity to earn income. After the start upstrike battery suggest to raise rates. Of course, to succumb too aggressive play style is not necessary, however, if you bet 2% of Bank, then nothing will stop you when upstrike to increase the rate to 3-4%.

Disadvantages upstrike

1. No one will tell you when series of successful bets will be completed. It is not excluded that astrik will end as soon as you decide to increase the bet amount, but on the other hand, it may last for 10 winning bets. From aggressive financial strategies should be abandoned, because it may harm the whole Bank.

2. Overconfidence of the player. If for a long period, all players ‘ bets “come”, he immediately starts to put himself on a level with the best professional beforemy. Player flooded with a euphoria of victory series, so it can go away from your strategy and start to put on everything.

3. After upstrike often comes downstream. In other words, downstream is loose or losing the series. Whatever the strong bettor, from time to time it will pursue a series of failures. The player dawnstrike is a fairly strong psychological pressure, so it is recommended to reduce the amount of bets to a minimum. Just after the release of a series of defeats you need to return the rates to their former size.

Winning the series – it’s not common in sports betting, nevertheless, enjoyable for all beterov, besides significantly improving the budget. Some players adjust their strategies for possible astrik, namely put the same amount that was won on a previous bet. Perhaps the main disadvantage of these strategies is that you never know when it will start or will end astrik.


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