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With the development of the business of bookmakers, developing and presentation of the players on the formation rates and the number of factors considered by them. A few years ago, fans thought only betting on the event. Later began to apply financial strategy to organize their winnings. Now, the formula for success in betting, many players add analysis lines issued by the bookmaker.

So that you can see on line bookmakers and what to do?

1. The difference of the coefficients on one and the same event at different bookmakers.

Most fans of betting choose one office and not spend time comparing coefficients. It is reasonable, usually in different offices of cafe very close, as the bookies try to avoid a big difference, not to give players to do the so-called “plug” (the situation when a player, putting on the opposite events of the same match at different bookmakers, regardless of its outcome remains in the black.)

However, in the distance, even a small improvement ratios, sometimes, can change the statistics from unprofitable to profitable, and given that there are matches when the office is having a special opinion and the difference in the coefficients can reach ten percent or more. You can base your strategy solely on the search for such rates.

Conclusion: if you have accounts in different betting companies, the player gets some advantage.

2. The difference between the probabilities of the event in the coefficients and in your opinion.

It should be remembered that the task is not finding an exact probability to the event, and the division of public opinion into two approximately equal parts (the amount of possible winnings), on a particular outcome. This is done to prevent the accumulation put money on one side of the event. In this case, the bookmaker can sustain substantial losses, so the odds on favorites of the match, which puts most of the public, generally slightly underestimated, and betting on them is by definition unprofitable.

Thus, making a prediction, it is better to first calculate the odds that you would have given for this match. For this, you need 100 divided by the probability of the event expressed in percentage, and if the ratio of the office was higher than the one you received, it makes sense to bet on this outcome. This betting strategy is called value betting.

To better represent the probability of winning of a certain “team A”, one has to wonder: how many matches out of ten can win this team “team B”? Multiplying the resulting number by 10 will receive a probability in percent.

The most difficult thing here is to calculate the probability of an outcome. Of course, the staff offices are very good at it, but because they have to put odds on hundreds of matches in that time, you enough to select from only a few.

If you found the coefficients for the match, some weird stuff and don’t understand them, then better don’t do it on his bets.

3. The movement of the line, i.e. the change of the odds on event over time.

Almost no events below the coefficients did not change by 0.1-0.3, if the motion ratio occurs at 0.5 or more, possibly the result of the match a foregone conclusion, i.e. this is simply match-fixing. Of course, your own is difficult to capture these movements, but on the Internet, there are services that offer monitoring changes in the lines bookmakers, for example,

If the starting line of the bookie displays his opinion on the events of that given line, then after the betting the players line displays have the opinion of players, under whose influence took place or that the movement of the line. As the accumulation of money on one side of the event, the bookmaker is trying to attract players to betting on the opposite. Thus, the main factor in the movement of the line is the “load” of money by the players.

Not always, but very often this opinion is correct. If you put on “progruzheno” events on the amended ratios, the tangible plus the player do not get it. However, if he has accounts in several bookmakers, it is possible that among them there is one in which the coefficients remained of the original. In this case, it makes sense to bet on this event, that is, which fell on the factor in another office.

So, from all this it follows that for a good game against a bookmaker, it is advisable to have accounts in several bookmakers and analyze the line and not to consider it only as the final stage of the formation rate. Because the coefficient is not only a figure, which is multiplied by the bet in case of winning, but the criteria for selecting events.

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