Analysis, traffic monitoring line odds bookmakers

Analysis, traffic monitoring line odds bookmakers

The more you receive betting companies, the more players try to take into account various factors that affect the outcome of the competition. Not so long ago, players were only presence of one choice of what event to choose for the rate. But the development of information systems, have made possible the emergence of various financial schemes, the use of which allowed to systematize the winnings. Now, many who hoped to win at betting, has added to its Arsenal analysis lines represent BC.

That an experienced player will be able to see, read the line BC, and what he can do based on what he saw?



Bookmakers set different odds on the same event

Players rarely pass from one beech branch to another. Once decided on one, the player bets in it. This behavior is justified because of the odds of different bookmakers close enough. They are insured so that players could not use “fork”, it is such a situation when a player makes bets in different BC one event, and whatever the result, is a winner.

In the long game, even small changes in factors can change the game statistics from unprofitable to profitable. There are situations where one of their offices according to the result of events, and this opinion may differ from the majority opinion. There are players who base their game on the search for such rates. You can send the output of that if a player is working with several BC, his chances of winning increase.

Use your own coefficients and coefficients of BC

You need to understand that the lines are not meant to define exactly what will happen. They should split the views of players on roughly equal parts (the amount of winnings). This is done in order to on a single result, not concentrating all the stakes. If this happens, the bookmaker will lose. Therefore, when there is a clear favorite, it gives him such a coefficient that the set is not it is not profitable.

There is a strategy game, which is called value betting. Its meaning is that you think your ratio. If the coefficient beech office higher, then you should make a bet on it.

Ask yourself the question: “How many times team a will beat team B in 10 matches. Predicting any number and multiplying the result by 10, you will receive a probability in percent.

Of course, the most difficult is the determination of the number of wins. Of course, BK, having rich experience, the better you can determine the likelihood of events. But they make predictions on thousands of events, and you need to identify only a few.

Don’t bet on games where the outcome was predicted by the bookies, looks strange.

What to do if there is odds movement?


Very often there is a change of lines, i.e., changing the ratio, when approaching the event. Almost always, the factor is changed to 0.1 and 0.3. If the probability had changed by 0.5 or more, then for sure, the bookies suspect that match is negotiated. Independently, almost not real, to keep track of such changes. But using the services, this problem can be solved.

Predicting a specific outcome, the bookmaker determines the initial bet. Playing, betting, begin to move. If one of the results, begins to prevail, tote changing ratio, trying to get to bet on the opposite result.

Often, the General opinion, is the correct one. Therefore, to achieve significant advantage, putting in the 100% event, it is impossible.. But you can try to find the bookie that did not change the initial odds, and to bet on that event, the coefficient on which is in another BK, was reduced.

Conclusions. To achieve a result in the game:

  • To work with multiple bookmakers;
  • Analyze the lines.

Analyzing the probability of events, we must understand that this is the basis for decision-making.

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