Advance bets in bookmakers

Advance bets in bookmakers

All existing to date, the betting companies are required to make improvements to the services, in order not to lose its loyal and new customers. If improvements are not made, then simply competitors will take them off the market. Therefore, each of us can observe the a variety of promotions and lucrative offers from the bookies.

Advance rate is the latest service that is already used by the people from the domestic offices. Thanks to the advance rates, each customer of the bookmaker, which has no funds in the account also can place bets. This offer is valid on the basis of unresolved bets. “Advance rate” allows you to choose a suitable event, if the calculation of all bets your bet amount will be less than the bookmakers in any case not take your winnings.

An example of advance rates

Suppose your account has $ 1,000, you split the amount into two rates (for $ 500). In bookmaker office “the Marathon” advance, which are available to you, you can see in the “My account”, and if you make a bet at the bookmaker “1xbet”, then your advance you will see a bet slip where the bookie calculates the advance rate that is available to you.

For example, your bet is $ 500. Putting the money in an event, you must wait for the results. If you roll so that your both bets were losing, your advance rate will be cancelled. And if one bet wins, the money into your account in full, and shall be deducted only the amount of your bet, that is $ 500.

The advantages of advance rates

1. Service “advance rate” gives you the opportunity to continue the game on the website of the bookmaker, even if you have no available funds, but they put on other events.

2.Of material benefit. For example, a Bq Marathon allows the player to take all the winnings if the customer has insufficient funds in the account. Bookmakers, thus, show how they are generous, and just forgive you for those lost funds.

Advance rates today active in only two bookmakers, but over time, all the bettors get to see all the prestige and attractiveness of advance rates and it can be assumed that they will soon apply in all bookmakers.


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