Additional bets in football lines

The additional bet football line

Betting on football is one of the priorities in the lines of each of the bookmaker, being the most popular betterof. While the main focus of many players of BK doing on outcome, odds, and totals. Meanwhile, the football lines there are many interesting bets that can bring income. About the pros and cons of the elections of the football murals read our material.

To win to nil

Most fans perceive additional bets football bets as a means of entertainment, but not a means of income. This is not the right approach, because in some embodiments, the skillful approach, it is possible to consistently earn. To such rates, above all, is the “Win to nil”. Huge flow rates is a simple win favorite, and with a void ratio from 1.15 to 1.3. Much more productive to put it together with the conditional victory of “Barcelona” to the fact that it will keep their goal intact. The coefficient will vary in the range of 1.65 to 1.90, it is quite possible to play a single bet.

The time of first/last team to score

An attractive earnings rate, the time of the last goal, it is necessary to apply for the “grassroots games” (betting slang are called add-where the little heads, i.e. plays under). A bookie here increases the interval of minute, but it’s not such a big difference to not use this rate. Suppose the total is less than 2.5 can be supplied with a ratio of 1.55-1.65. At the same time that 73 90 minute goals will not happen before the match can be backed at 1.90 cafom that is much more favorable from a financial point of view. The same method of reasoning can be applied to the “time of first goal”, because quick goals at the grass-roots teams don’t happen often.

Other football betting extra.

Some additional betting on football cannot be bet on a regular basis. This, for example, a bet that the match will happen penalties or removal. They depend solely on subjective factors, such as the history of relations between the teams, the identity of the referee, the tournament situation. A bet on a penalty you can only put on a basic match, Derby of the level of inter-Milan or Barcelona-real.

A similar picture in the bets “even/odd total”. Usually the bookies give for this event an equal chance. No system in these rates there, and in our opinion, to win here is possible only through love of fortune.

Conclusion on the additional betting on football

Any player bookmaker who understands football, is not obliged to dwell on two or three events in the line. If time allows, it is better to carefully analyze each bid to select the best option. We advise you to pay more serious attention to the painting of the match — there to meet interesting suggestions. Some of them can be used on a regular basis, others occasionally, but to note the additional bet in the football of choice.

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