A System and betting quotes: the benefits of this type rates

System and betting quotes: the benefits of this type of betting

Система и букмекерские котировки: преимущества этого вида ставокUsually starts almost any player bids of the type “single”. You may not know all that it meant one bet on one specific result in one event — the result of the match (win someone or draw), the number of goals (e.g., greater than 2.5), and so on. Many people try to tickle their nerves Express. That is putting on several events, in the hope that if they’re all the same, to disrupt the high jackpot — because the coefficients of individual elements are multiplied together.

But another kind of sports betting is like a shadow of two “neighbors”. This system, which are rarely used, one should probably add the word “too”. Probably because the scheme of this rate is by definition more complex than the rectilinear counterparts, where everything is clear. But the obvious trump card of such kind of bets make you a little to chew, how it works, what are the main principles guided the system.

Let’s start with a definition. The system, in the context of bookmakers, should be interpreted as a certain combination of several multiples, which are based on a standard set of rates. Accordingly, the mathematics itself leads to the fact that to win in the system need to collect the amount of winning bets that are included in the system.

Let us consider for example a simple system of “three-bet on sports”. If the Express is assembled from only two possible outcomes, and taken just 3 matches, the bets can be of the following typical set of conditional variants: 1-2, 1-3 or 2-3. Rate in the system is calculated on the basis of two factors: its volume, i.e. the total number of included events and the dimension of the system, which refers to the number of events that are required to win the customer’s office.

On this basis, the visible main plus, the main asset of the system: to win, unlike the Express, there is a mandatory requirement to guess right every one of the outcomes (and how many times in the experience of each player was when 1 misfire, and the Express “burned”). If you have taken some of the coefficients lost, but overall, the system has not passed the limit of the desired wins, in the end, You can celebrate the victory and earned.

From our choice of tactics depends on how many wins you need to fix. As a rule, the bookmaker with these types of rates all point directly in the names. That is, can meet even the “system 1-3”, but as a rule, it is at least “2-3”, but in reality dominate a larger type “3-4”.

Experts say that betting systems usually give a positive mental attitude. Clients get the conviction that they have almost guaranteed a refund even after defeats. The main thing — not to give this feeling to fool ourselves with a mind to dispose of them, unleashing their hands and not Zaslav eyes.


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