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Humor. A conversation between two fans of betting

Your attention is invited to the humorous scene in the life of two lovers betting, thunder betting shops all over the world. For these guys there are always slam dunks, no matter how empty was not a line, and even Monday morning, as in this story.

So, in roles: Nikolay “know sure thing!” (hereinafter, simply “banker”) and Yuri “concrete-betonowych” (“concrete”) in front of the monitor. on account of 100. On the table — two liters of beer. On the clock — seven a.m. Monday. The conversation proceeds in alphabetical order, you guys are so used, especially as sports betting for them — the eternal cycle “concrete-slam dunks”. But in this day in line, unfortunately, “solid Honduras”

A Slam Dunk: It’s Unbelievable! It’s already seven in the morning, and the goats line do not update!

Concrete: yeah, and to put it is necessary…

Sure thing: damn, yurets, but to take there is nothing!

Concrete: we will take Cycling. There still from last night hanging concrete for 1.05

Sure thing: Cycling? You’re with oak collapsed? And what kind of concrete?

Concrete (laughs): vernally! Rides, Lanco, Amstrong

A slam dunk (with doubt): where did that come from? Like his name is lance Armstrong…it doesn’t matter. What is the point?

Concrete: the Grand Prix of Honduras, is a local velosipedist

Sure thing: yeah well, maybe the Hondurans on bikes right?

Concrete: you’re a fool, Kolya! Just give the 1.05, so everything is bought!

Sure thing: nonsense! Concrete: like, come on already put a minute left!

A slam dunk (in a hurry puts on the first outcome reads): Jean de Zhozha…look, yurets…I’ve accidentally got stuck on some Jojo from Trinidad set for a hundred. More will win!

Concrete (shocked spilt beer, yells): jojo used your break, ugh, the face! You don’t understand, a factor of 100 we don’t win, dumbass!

Sure thing: you know what? Sam you dumbass! My Trinidad is not worse than your Honduras, and they have the same high it’s a cinch.

Concrete: I’m sick of you bunkers! The concrete has set…well, let’s watch the race

Sure thing: and where?

Concrete: yo-Moyo, does not show!

A slam dunk: who is this show?

Concrete: catastrophe, we have to wait here? I can’t do it! (frantically looking for live on Honduran tour, finds)

Sure thing: come on, so you know how much they are there to go?

Concrete: either two hours or a day…

it’s been two hours

Sure thing: Mama MIA! During the day we hung

Concrete: I would have remained silent, it’s because of you all!

Sure thing: but you told me to put on Cycling!

Concrete: on Cycling and not on the PVCs of some sort. Although that you take, if your name is nick

A lock (not listening): Oh, look, the cuts appeared (important), and I told you that Zhazha win? A sure thing for a hundred, learn, Yuri!

Concrete (not believe his eyes): Oh, Col, you’re the best!

Sure thing: nothing, now even slam dunks can get. What is there in line?

Concrete: sailing

The sure thing: the regatta is a piece of cake! Look there any Americans — they rule

Concrete: there is no one to steer, the regatta is also Honduran…

Sure thing: crazy, what is. Okay, we’re on Honduras rushing. Already put, a minute left!

Concrete (hastily puts on the first outcome reads): Hey, nick… I’m some guy from Timbuktu set, right?

Sure thing: you yourself, Timbuktu! What, couldn’t find anyone else?

Concrete: braked…

Banker: uh, crack you. As though the name of our?

Concrete: Teach Teach Cert: fantasy, figure it with that name will win!

Concrete: Fig? Yes, already running! I think only Gai can win. Yes it is concrete-betonowych-betonski!

Sure thing: ha ha ha. And what is KEF?

Concrete: a good KEF…the main thing is betoniluoma!

Sure thing: cemented, damn it! Let’s say

Concrete: the Royal KEF — weaving with a tail

A sure thing: it drives me crazy. Some guy from Timbuktu and still 100. Cried our ten Grand

Concrete: the stuff is now easy lemon bevel

Sure thing (just realized the value of winning): Sho-o? SKO-only?

Concrete: 10 pieces in STO, nick!

The sure thing: the shield, I’m in shock!

Concrete: schA starts, let’s cheer

find live Honduran regatta, cheer for b, s, b…

The banker: Hey, come on teach, come home!

lost the picture…

Concrete: uh? Where? What the ***?

the image appears, regatta is over, Uchi Uchi took second place

Sure thing: Yura, you’re a moron, you lost a million…run into the booth, throw a hundred on promotion. What is there in the line?

Concrete: Honduran youth League hockey

Sure thing: I know a sure thing, will set the run already.

Concrete (walks away, muttering to myself): I’m still the baddest in the sport understand…that’s go Pro — to prove that my concrete betonie!

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