A few rules for the betting on over-under goals in football

A few rules for the betting on over-under goals in football

Несколько правил подготовки ставок на «больше-меньше» голов в футболеTo put on a descent match on the 1X2 market is good, but often not the best option. Not taken by the favorite, point, crazy goal, which flew on the last second or clogged with “left-most” penalty and rate, and then Express, flying, in spite of seemingly effective strategy. Why not use alternatives? For example, popular among the players the option of “more/less” (in this case, talking about football). Experts call a few rules to help you quickly understand, worth the risk.

First, you need to not be lazy to specify how many score in games in an average season and last played, the teams that you supply. Even in Europe these figures vary for individual divisions in different countries and individual clubs. Be sure to view the statistics, especially at the current level of Internet it does not take much effort. Then immediately we can understand that the conditional Granada rarely scores, whereas, for example, “Liverpool” now this is no problem.

Secondly, you need to calculate the probability. This can be done almost intuitively, simply by reading the goals for myself realizing that they were random and which are not. For the more scrupulous players is a lack of methods that allow you to implement this task with a methodical basis, whether the method of Poisson distribution or table of calculations of John Haig. The main thing is to not use them mechanically, but with the mind, coming on the average expected number of goals, both the hosts and guests. Ideally, you can even walk to the correct account, and so on, the player decides or “stop” rates is most likely somewhat accurate outcomes in an attempt to get the final win on one of them, or by adding up the calculated probability of the outcome of the match with less than 2.5 goals to reach overall percentage.

In the end, you need to determine the best in this situation odds bets. To do this, the resulting probability to convert to decimal odds. There is a universal formula when required is equal to 100 divided by the probability. For example, when it is 48,06%, the coefficient is equal to 2.08. Accordingly, a bet worth taking, if someone from bookmakers in the line will be an option when the bet offered odds you computed.

Of course, this is not a guarantee of success in the stakes of such is not by definition. But this is the strategy, albeit as simple as possible for beginners. And without it in the long run hopes to earn on rates is simply not by definition.


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