A couple betting strategies on football

A couple of strategies for football betting

Ещё пару стратегий ставок на футболAmong the huge variety of betting on football games curious looks the couple have been tested and really working strategies. Of course, all the newcomers are in active search of a favorite in a match that can win the game and do it according to their analysis. Those who make bets recently, this option seems most reasonable. However more experienced players know that a really lucrative rates and especially a good strategy is often based on the search of outsiders. In addition, unpopular with beginners bets on a draw outcome of a match can become the basis for a perfectly working and quite profitable strategies for betting in football.

One of these strategies in football apply to the Cup matches in the initial phase of the tournament. The main attention is concentrated on one tournament, as a rule, domestic Cup (e.g., Cup of France). European tournaments for this strategy is not suitable due to the smaller number of participants and a lower ability to accurately assess the condition and shape of most teams at the initial stage of the tournament. In this strategy at the initial stage, five chosen teams of the first League that have no interest in playing for the Cup, which is understandable from their starting lineup in which usually are novices, the young and minor players, and sometimes coaches and players direct text say in interviews, that they are not interested in this tournament. Pairs are selected between completely unmotivated teams and teams in second and third division. Picking five games bet on outsiders, which, as a rule, odds of 7.00 and above. Putting 10.e. in every game with a probability of almost 85% of one of the pairs wins, which generally makes a profit of at least 20.e. and so in each stage.

With regards to the strategy based on tie results, it is estimated the number of average draw results round. The League should choose without strong leaders and scandals of a contractual nature. With respect to fair against an average of 25 – 27% of matches in the round are in the draw. The odds that it will be a draw, the average is 4.58. Therefore, when the average ratio of three draws in the round, as a rule, is already profitable, and two low average loss. The difference between them allows you to get constant profit from such betting strategies.


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