a Competent analysis of sports events

Competent analysis of sports events

There is no single successful strategy of betting based only on statistics. To use it is in the analysis of the upcoming game, but not to take the main criterion for the forecast. Try to deal with the points that should be considered when analyzing sports events.

1. The position in the standings

Look at the standings makes sense only when held at least a third of the season. Also, the table you will not say anything, after the off-season. Some teams are well entrenched at this time and had a fruitful pre-season, while others have lost a number of leading players.

2. Form teams

Look at how the teams played five-six games. You should also pay attention to the last home and away matches, number of goals scored and goals conceded in them.

3. Players

The result can affect the length of the bench team, the number of injured players before the match and players who “hang” on cards.

4. Motivation

We all know many examples when an outsider won a notorious favorite. In most cases, this contributed to the super motivation of the team. When the command in step of departure from the tournament, she may find the extra strength to win. You should also carefully analyze the crucial matches or the so-called Derby. When there are Derby teams at their best, they drive forward their fans, so these games are possible and sensational results.

5. The status of the tournament

For example, in Russia the low status of the Cup, so many teams in the top divisions withdrew from it in order to relieve your calendar. The English team give a low estimate the Europa League and often put on games of this tournament experimental compositions.

6. Time of the year

Most of the European football tournaments begins in mid-August. During the first five rounds dovolnoye meet sensational results. Only after the third championship game teams stabiliziruemost, and the results are mostly expected.

7. The League statistics

You should also look at the overall performance of the tournament. For example, the Championships of Holland and Germany has always been famous for the large number of heads, while in Italy the team usually play in total under.

8. The atmosphere in the teams

Of course, hard for an outsider to understand what is the atmosphere in the groups, however, it is possible to guess. Even player interviews can give you food for thought. The ability to do a competent analysis of the game is not an innate talent. Absolutely everyone can learn to notice those moments that are the founders of the future result of the game. Only with good analysis you can achieve the advantage over line betting and consistently win money here.

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