7 strategies betting Live

7 strategies of bets in Live mode

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Online Live betting gain significant popularity, it is reasonable to allocate them in a separate section rates, with its own laws, techniques and strategies of the game. Unlike betting in the classic version (pre-line) and live bets are accepted not so long and a clear set of methods and strategies, time-tested, have not had time to form.

Today, almost all of the strategies in Live mode – not that other as the personal experiences of those who have tried it by trial and error. As in the game classic lines except the strategy very important how to use it.

We tried to collect some of the most popular and well-known strategies for betting Live in BC, supplemented by their own observations and experience, but all of them should be treated critically, since no absolute strategies in betting the world does not exist in principle, and with dynamic play in Live the more.

Betting strategy live on Gol favorite

When the bookie gives too low odds on a winning team, which he considers to be the clear favorite to put such games on it with single bets makes no sense.

After 10-20 minutes of the first half, the coefficient on goal in the half will grow, often the numbers will increase in half to two times. Only in this case, the player needs before the match to analyse rivals.

The first thing to perform recaps, especially favorite. Key players attack and midfield needs to be in order. In addition, motivation should be very high. You want to view the standings of the club and to understand whether three points the team or all tournament problems are already solved. Another aspect in the analysis of future match favorite. Usually the leaders of the Championships are played in midweek in the Europa League, and this means that the coach may allow players to play in and half a leg to save power.

Of course, in the analysis of need is given and the opponent. If the team doesn’t show solid defense, then it is perhaps the most important factor. The absence in the composition of the main defenders and stepped on the confidence in the favourite goal during the first half. However you should be careful in the case when the underdog fighting for survival at the end of the season. These teams are unpredictable and can use morally-strong-willed spirit to give crazy fight, leaving no stone unturned favorite.

Summing up, here are the main factors bet on the favorite goal in the 1st half:

  • statistics confirming that the favorite often scored in the first half;
  • the optimal composition of a favorite;
  • the presence of motivation;
  • the opponent, no different protection.

Betting strategy live on goal for the game

Guided by the factors that are important in live betting on the goals of your favorites, you can also try out their understanding of soccer and to bet on the team having the advantage in the half, regardless of whether it is favorite or not.

It often happens that some clubs are the favourites only on paper, then the bookies and give very attractive odds on their opponents. In the middle of the half, successfully predicting a goal of the outsider, can catch ratio is much higher three.

However, such a strategy is highly risky. What you need to pay attention?

The main factor is the feeling of the game. If a gambler has a great betting experience and is well versed in football, then, after watching 10-15 minutes of the match, he will be able to conclude whether the coefficients exhibited by the bookmaker, with the actual course of events. However, even in the absence of much experience, it’s easy to view statistics in live mode. A large number of corners and shots on target suggests that the team is in attack spends a lot of time. Then you can gamble to bet on the “underdog”. Gamblers need to analyze the composition and motivation of the team. On the course, this strategy is rarely used, but proper application of a point can significantly increase the Bank.

It is worth noting that this strategy is very dangerous in the hands of inexperienced players. To put need to be flat, that is one bet less than 10% of the total initial Bank. Ideally, this strategy is used in the Championships the TOP 5 and the competition. Need about a month to spend on studying tendencies of teams and choose 7-10 clubs who are scoring consistently in one of the halves.

This strategy requires the player a good understanding of football, as it is necessary to pay attention to all the little things during a match. Even if the team is near the opponent’s goal a lot of time, this does not mean that it necessarily will differ. Sometimes the favorite only creates the illusion of pressure and progress to the gate is minimal. An example is dozens of fights when statistics show the vast advantage favorite, and good play in attack from the team there. In addition, even failure can get in the way. I remember match of the French championship, when the PSG has carried out more than 30 strikes on goal, but was unable to score because the goalkeeper did wonders in the frame. Put head!

Betting strategy live “On the favorite, so first”

One of the most popular strategies in Live you can call a bet on the favorite which is not too successfully started. Sport in this case is not critical – it can be a football match where a notional real Madrid missed a goal in the first half with “betasom” (which happens not so rarely) or basketball match, where the team with the higher rating “slept” in the first quarter. Suit and a tennis match where the favourite has encountered desperate resistance, wants to show off, middle peasants, and has not yet realized the fact that you have to make every effort to beat it.

There are no guarantees, but in 70-80 percent of cases, the favorites still do, even having made a mistake early in the match. Such is human psychology (athletes, winners, strong people) – they start to play better in that moment when you make a mistake.

In this case odds of winning or not losing football team increases significantly (compared with what was in the pre-match line). In the case of a basketball match, as experience shows, quite easily play can even be a handicap in the 10-15 points that the favorite can give your opponent in the early stages of the game.

In any case, do not blindly trust the money is a strong default commands. You need to watch the game and see the reasons that led to failure on the starting interval. To Live generally it is desirable to put on what I see with my own eyes – that’s the beauty of betting online!

There are a number of teams with a certain line of conduct, often allowing the failures in the first quarters, first halves, first periods – these observations will help you to find lovers to give a comeback victory and the process of hunting for their comeback might be not only fun, but also profitable, if you approach it wisely.

Strategy live betting “Hunting late goals”

It is no secret that the laws of statistics and soccer scores the probability of scoring increases with every minute played until a certain level. The border runs somewhere between the 65th and 70th minute and recommend to put on a late goal.

It can be a wait goal in a draw, the expectation that the team will play or it will miss the goal, revealed in the desire to win – a situation where a late goal is very likely to be different, but to catch this event you need strategy, which is to wait a certain time or ratio.

In this strategy, live betting must see match – it is a way to tell whether a goal is brewing or team are willing to accept, for example, for a draw and not going to risk it in the end. The term “goal brewing” very subtly displays the very essence of the kind of bets you should feel the mood of the teams, to see through what may be a run scored in the last 15-minute break, and not just blindly apply this strategy to everything.

Make a list of teams likely to skip and to score the end game is to find them easy enough as yourself, and with the help of special statistical sites, giving a breakdown of the goals for a particular command by time intervals. As a rule, the tendency of some teams to goals in the last minute double-sided – they can, both to score and pass. She comes from a style of game that is generated for a sufficiently long interval and becomes a habit that can be with the team for a couple seasons, and even several years. When “Manchester United” was coached by Alex Ferguson, was the term “fergie time”, meaning that Manchester United can turn the tide of any unsuccessful meetings for a few minutes at the end of the game when the red devils have hooked up your character.

Of course, bookmakers take into account such features of known commands, which put millions, but little known among the representatives of the Championships middling it is possible to find the team, predisposed to activate at the end or just find someone who is in bad physical shape and just “dies” at the end of the game.

Strategy for search forks live

A popular strategy is to search for “forks” in the Live mode, which is in contrast to the classical search by comparing the lines the bookmakers is not responsible guaranteed profits is nothing more than a strategy related to the prediction of their appearance in the painting of a match by betting live.

Two factors are important – the right to choose the match and predict his script, which should be based on the most frequent changes leading to the team score. Often this is a meeting of equal opponents, but sometimes in the process view one can detect the tendency to frequent change of favorite in the match, where a strong team was designated a low ratio in the pre-match line.

Search live plugs is better to engage in a dynamic sport type volleyball, tennis (table and classic), where there are only two possible outcomes, playing in the overall score and the winner. As the experience in the same volleyball matches of equal teams, the odds on the winner during the meeting can be several times to rise above 2.0, and then 3.0 on each team several times during the set. With the right strategy, you can use this feature volleyball matches if you correctly assessed the game and felt the match.

This strategy is very important the right choice of the bookmaker giving the okay to play in Live mode offers a nice painting on the selected sports offers tools to rate “one click”, which is very useful when playing Live. Also important are your personal skills quick evaluation and decision making – basically all this is true for any bets in live mode, but in the search strategy and forecasting forks is of paramount importance.

Betting strategy live “against the draw”

This strategy opens the work before the match. You are invited to choose a football match is approximately equal opponents and wager on the outcome of 12 (will not draw). Next you need to wait in the “live” the first goal of any team, which will immediately increase the odds for a draw, and calculate the amount to be winners anyway (plug!) to put it in and watch without any worries about the result in his pleasure.

As in any strategy on Live betting is very important the correct choice of match, which should be a high probability of a large number of goals, but on the other hand prolonged drought bezgolevoy the odds for a draw in case it will interrupt one of the teams will be a lot more than goal-scoring early in the game, so the most critical period in this case becomes the last 15-minute period, and the worst score is 0:0.

Betting strategy live “on the innings in baseball”

Curious strategy game Live on the innings in baseball, based on the risky method of “Dogon”, is well known in the classic betting. The essence of the strategy that the innings in a baseball game quite often ends in a draw – as with the score 0:0, when none of the teams are unable to score points, and 1:1.

For example, we took the results of one random game of the day in MLB and I can see that, indeed, baseball innings very often end in a draw, and on September 17 was only one match (“Chicago white SOx” – “Kansas city Royals”) in which there was not a single inning of a tie among the first four. Moreover the draw there were only the 8th and 9th innings, which is a good illustration of the most dangerous situations that could arise in this strategy is to catch the draws to the mind and to know when to accept defeat, realizing that a series of 7-8 innings without draws is real baseball, though, and is quite rare.

The odds for a draw in the inning typically ranges from 1.7 to 1.85, regardless of the strength of the teams playing and it is easy to calculate the size of the bet, including the originally scheduled winnings and the need to “recapture” the amount raised at the previous unsuccessful outcomes chain.

Baseball is good that is divided into a large number of game segments with pauses during which you can make a bet. Such live permanently take few offices, because the choice of bookmaker for the application of this strategy must be approached carefully to avoid the situation when the line is “live” will crash at exactly the moment when you have to make another bet in the course of the logical chain.

As with any game on the strategy of “catching up” there is a temptation to “hunt draw”, i.e. to start betting on this event after a number of innings, ended with the victory of one of the teams, but for experienced players who understand that in the short statistical series, events are independent from each other is absolutely stupid strategy – draw is equally likely from the point of view statistics in the fourth inning as if the first three ended with the score 0:0, and in case, if someone won!

This strategy in Live you can also apply at this rate as “the total number of points in the inning”, as we see that the vast majority of draws in the innings happen when neither of the playing teams can not score points. Desirable understanding of the basics of baseball, it’s hard enough for Europeans, often don’t capture the meaning of this game and its rhythm. But as experience shows – if you long to watch any sport or championship, even absolutely unfamiliar and unpopular, sooner or later there will be some observations and preferences.

Insights on strategies of betting live

Bets in the “live” – a very exciting pastime, because to try “on tooth” a particular strategy or come up with your need with a cool head. If you see that you have something does not work and at some point your Bank is empty, it is better to refuse from such betting, as the game “live” can be successful is not for everyone. It needs to have a certain mindset, to be cool in the moments when the adrenaline rolls over, performed some crazy events on the field that is far from over.

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