5 mistakes beginner

5 mistakes novice player

The opportunity to earn on their own intuition attracts many gamblers. They go to the bookmaker in full confidence that I will get a good boost to the monthly income, but leave it a decent amount, and only then think. Let us consider the basic mistakes that novice players make.

1) sports Betting for broke

The essence of the problem. Very often, the soul is sure that already in this match favorite team will prevail. The probability of this in his own eyes – 110%, the bookie assesses the chances are only like 2 to 1 or worse. And I want to put all the available funds on the result. But in the end it turns out that the opponent was better prepared and bet on sports lose. The player is left without funds.

Council. It’s not worth risking the entire amount. Experienced people rarely put large amounts on one result. More profitable strategy is considered to provide for the game is not over one tenth of the funds You choose to invest in the game. For example, if You have 1000 rubles, betting on sports more than 100 rubles is not worth it. And even better and even risk no more than 2-3% of the total.

2) Pursuit of high odds on favorites

The essence of the problem. A player sees that a particular result, which, in his opinion, more than obvious, suddenly fly coefficients. With the victory of the obvious favourite, you can get double winnings and more. And again, when the result becomes known, it turns out to be an unexpected disappointment for the player.

Council. The bookmaker is risking their money, concluding a bet so they have no good reason not to change the odds for sports betting. Carefully read the latest news – a player could get a small injury in his life could happen a strong shock or bookmakers suspect the likelihood of collusion in this particular case. Beware too high of odds on favorites, less – but better.

3) on the side of caution

The essence of the problem. There are players who bet on sports with odds not more than 1.2. The probability of such events is very large. But for some reason they punctually do not come true.

Council. Of course, the smaller the ratio, the more, according to bookmakers, the probability of the event. But, oddly enough, a lot of winning with this strategy will not succeed. In any sport can happen unexpected results, random goals in the last minutes and other coincidences. Small coefficients do not play as often as You would like. So don’t chase them, especially if not very well aware of the situation before the game, not the best way to understand this sport.

4) Bet on everything

The essence of the problem. The player, feeling “lucky”, luck, starting to do sports betting right and left, at everything. Including the championship of the Philippines basketball Cup the Viet Nam football and chess tournament in Vasyuki.

Council. Better not to go into those areas in which You know nothing. What would be a good ratio was not to win the match Filipino basketball players, if You are the first time in my life I learned that in this distant country in General play this game, you should not bet on sports. Easier to get a finger to the sky than to earn with this strategy. Better to concentrate on those sports and competitions which You are familiar, which for You are no unexpected outcomes.

5) Uncontrolled excitement

The essence of the problem. The player can’t stop. Waking up, at Breakfast, he visits the site of the bookmaker to bet on sports. Day at work, he repeatedly in online puts current events. The evening blends into the night and the person calms down only when completed all the sports events of the current day. While the winning or losing amounts do not matter – sports betting overshadow the rest of the world.

Council. Play, Yes, do not flirt. Sports betting should be an enjoyable hobby that with the right approach, generates income, and in other cases it makes watching the match a bit more interesting and exciting. Get the adrenaline, positive emotions from the process, but do not forget. Especially you should think about how to stay if it is a rough patch of bad luck. Stop not yet lost a penny in excess of the allocated betting money. Stop if “white band” brought a good income, because there is always a risk that it will end in a big loss.

If you avoid these mistakes, play quietly, the calculation of Livo, to bet on sports wisely, it is possible to win at the bookmaker money. Otherwise, You risk to continue to step on the same rake, staying out in the cold and just transferring your money into someone else’s wallet.

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