23 points how to bet in a bookmakers

23 paragraph how to make bets in bookmakers

At first glance, it is correct to bet at the bookmaker – brainer. Just open an account, make a Deposit and select events. However, newcomers are guided by a similar scheme, you begin to lose. The reason is simple: to be successful you need to follow certain rules. To see a selection of tips on how to beat the bookie.

The right choice of the bookmaker for betting

  1. Bet online is a fast, convenient way. For decision-making and registration of pari – takes seconds. Game in land-based PPS is associated with a considerable number of difficulties. The trip to the office will take a lot of valuable time – use it for analysis of games. If successful, you will have to come back for the win. But the main thing – limited range of bookmakers. In the best case, close to home there are several items that are not always characterized by proper service and respectful attitude.
  2. Do not put in an obscure bookmakers. It is not necessary to chase short-term bonus offers from firms-a something ephemeral. Company with no reputation is a huge risk for the player. Easy to lose not only the winnings but the Deposit. Legal mechanisms of refund are poorly developed => play the status of BK for several years.
  3. Service important – much nicer to put in the bookmaker, understanding the importance of each client. This interest is expressed in the presence of a Russian-language website and support, the use of domestic payment systems, promotions and bonuses.
  4. Work with solvent bookie. Even among promoted firms are blocking accounts on false pretexts and cuts the highs. High odds, strong line, a good choice live-matches – all matter. But if the bookmaker makes payouts problem – any of the virtues lose their meaning. Choose reliable betting work. Reader feedback bkr.bet and our experience shows that the fastest payments in Leon.

The correct size bankroll for betting

  1. Clearly define the gaming capital. Beginners make the mistake of regularly making at the expense of n-sum. Even before the first rate fix the amount of funds for betting in a month (week). Otherwise there is a risk of losing control over finances. To make 20 times for 500 rubles, much easier than 1 and 5000 rubles.
  2. Adequately assess the potential. Amount of money on bets in the bookmaker Agency determine on the basis of financial situation. No need to sell the apartment, lay the machine and to bet on the banker. To allocate appropriate funds, which is not sorry to leave.
  3. The size of investments is determined on the basis of the goals: put on your favorite team for the sake of emotional satisfaction, a small amount. Earnings – invest valid high Finance. It is important to realize that there is a risk to lose.

Bet size and pot control

  1. To bet properly, minimizing the risks – don’t put down more than 3-5% of the Bank. Otherwise, it is easy gray streaks of failures will take the money. Should not affect the amount of interest and a desire to win. To fix the situation better than later, and with a cool head, sticking to the strategy.
  2. Do not use the Dogon. Going by doubling the rates is fraught with rapid loss of the Bank. A series of 3-4 lesions can deprive a substantial part of your investment.
  3. The right bet size needs to be fixed or to conform to a strict framework. It is possible to allocate % from the Bank on the basis of profit potential. For example, 5% of the Bank to deliver by a factor of 1.60, and 3% on odds 2.00. In both cases, the capital increase will be 3%.

The correct choice of the object of the bet

  1. Put understanding. Line – thousands of different sporting events. The first betterof dazzled, and they start to put on everything. Not happen quality. Where better to choose 1-2 bets from the championship, by carefully analyzing them.
  2. Not be assured a rate of 100%. Since the days of Ancient Rome there was an understanding that the bet is accompanied by risk. There are no 100% “slam dunks”, guaranteed income. Sports have always been unpredictable. The most unexpected results happen even at the highest level. Classic example: the Champions League match Barcelona-Rubin, when Rubin won at camp Nou.
  3. Do not spontaneous rates. Try originally studied matches. Never attempt immediate revenge. This in most cases leads to disastrous results. The defeat should be taken calmly. Analyze the reasons for the failure to continue to avoid them.
  4. Be objective. It is not necessary to bet on the team you support. Fans ‘ feelings can lead to financial loss, as long as the bettor is not always possible to pay attention to the real situation of his beloved team. Matches with the favorite team it is better to avoid events in lines abound.

Bets on favorites and underdogs

  1. Betting on favorites is the most profitable segment for the bookmakers. Most fans of betting take the recognized leaders with the purpose of getting easy money. Bookmakers in turn taking a serious margin for such rates. And rates of capital growth will be low a priori.
  2. Betting on outsiders is promising for an experienced betterof. Requires a high level of knowledge to beat the bookie when betting on outsiders. Beginners usually do not possess. Therefore put on the outsiders on a regular basis – not worth it. Find a middle ground.
  3. Parlays and system. Some fans sin betting Association bets for the favorites in parlays and system. These options increase the income of the bookie, and you create additional risks. In the long term, using a system of bets likely leads to a loss. It is better to play on the bets.

Football predictions, fixed matches, bunkers

  1. Sports betting is a personal initiative, we do decide, do make choices. You can achieve success and earn or lose money and lose. Responsibility always carries a bettor. Any forecaster of that liability is released. It risks your money, and he gets a reward. Why let someone make the decision for you?
  2. Match-fixing in the Internet does not exist. For organizing and participating in such a show establishes criminal liability. No sane person would disseminate information about the “dogs” fake web pages “Vkontakte”, existing a few days. Do not buy this information, as it is fraught with large financial losses.
  3. Don’t ask for help to specialists in the promotion account. Scammers that put different customers protivopolozhnye outcomes => able to easily play and stop to go on with the relationship. Success is possible by chance, but have to share at least half of the winnings. Plus, activities such palomnicheskie bookmakers.

Analysis of the match, the correct betting strategy

  1. To bet properly, analyzing the match problematic. Examine the current state of the teams, the results of the latest games, statistics play duels, tournament motivation, the venue, the staffing situation, weather conditions and the composition of the judges. The risk of failure will be significantly reduced if the bettor will do the job.
  2. Considering the game itself, refer to free sources of information. Preview to football and hockey matches publishes, for example, the bookmaker Leon. Information about the injured misleading official sites of teams and major sports portals.
  3. The correct betting involves a certain consistency and uniformity. Bet need, adhering to the given strategy. This applies not only to choice of sport/championship betting, but financial component. The bet must be restricted. Betting strategies there are many, choice + individual adjustment – for the player.

So, how to bet on sports?

Include the grey matter and act independently, not resorting to the advice of the various forecasters. Be sure to select a bookmaker with a reputation, respect for Russian players and fast payouts. Limit the number of bets and stick to a financial strategy. Analyze match you wish to bet. Adhering to the basic rules, you can succeed.

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