17 betting strategies on football

17 strategies football betting

Most of you know, win-win strategy of betting on football is rather a myth, not reality, so occasionally thoughtful players delve into a deep analysis of rates and reflect on new strategies that increased profit by minimizing any loss of funds. It is very difficult to achieve 100% result in the prediction of football battles and let’s be honest with each other, yet there is no person who would be able to find a universal strategy that allows you to climb with minimal Bank and get rich at the click of a finger. Let’s consider the range of strategies recognized by players for a long period of time.

Strategy football betting “Asian handicap”

The strategy with the sonorous name “Asian handicap” has been recognized relatively recently, because for a long time bet on the handicaps have enjoyed great popularity owing to what the players have the opportunity to bet with the mistake in one or more goals. Asian handicap is the same handicap that has a multiple of 0.25 goals. Roughly speaking, the player was given another opportunity to correctly hedge their predictions on the outcome of a football match, more about strategy.

Strategy football betting Total

Players for a long time bet on the totals, and therefore all bookmakers offer this bet for many years. To predict the number of goals scored in the match is easier than the outcome because, in fact, predicting totals can be attributed to statistical rates, and they were always much more reliable than others. If both teams have big problems with defense, then confident to bet on total goals more than the victory of one of them, then about strategy.

Strategy football betting “Asian total”

Probably everyone has noticed that the name of this method is similar to betting “Asian handicap”. The fact that they have the same practical application. “Asian total” is a bet on number of goals with the probability of a certain safety net. Should not be a surprise, if in the line will attend TB TM 2.25 or 3.25. By the way, some domestic and foreign offices “Asian handicap” is in the line as “over 2 and 2.5”, “Total less than 3 and 3.5” or in a similar way, more about strategy.

Strategy football betting “on individual averages of the players”

Gamblers today have tremendous opportunities in the form of a vast line in football events, can carry out all your thoughts in rates. Bets on individual averages of the players represent a prediction of the number of goals a footballer in a match. If you are sure that the attacker of a certain team can score a goal, a brace or a hat-trick, then you should pay attention to the prediction of individual totals next strategy.

Betting strategy football “on the corridor”

Mostly used in sports that have great performance, but with the right approach it can easily be applied to football battles. Apply the rates in the corridor is in the games of successful teams. You can remember what the score outcome of the matches of real Madrid and its opponents, to understand the relevance of this strategy, it can be compared with “plugs”, but in fact, they are completely different ways to play, more about strategy.

Betting strategy for football “Corridor totals”

Strategy corridor totals as conventional bets on the corridor could make a profit solely on the performance of the teams, so it is rarely used in football. To understand the meaning of the corridor totals, you need to take the matches of national cups in the initial stages, when the giants are playing teams second and third divisions, allowing them to achieve devastating results. The player’s task is to bet on under and over, which will bring the total number of goals scored, then about strategy.

Betting strategy football “on the over 3.5 and 4.5”

This strategy is quite risky and its application for long distance can be fatal for a Bank, but spot rates, in contrast, can give the player a tangible advantage to the Bank. As has become clear, the essence of this method is to identify games in which teams like to score and pass, depending on the strength and weakness of the defensive ranks of the opponents. It is necessary to define some teams prefer to play attacking football, sacrificing defense and betting on the higher odds, more about strategy.

Betting strategy for football Betting on half-match

When the winner of the battle is clearly known and the player believes that the odds for a single game is too low, there is a reason to play half-match, because the odds on these types of bets are much higher. To say that to make such bets only on the favorite, will be a gross mistake. Sometimes some clubs there is a tendency, when physical training is clearly not enough in the second half and the players pass in game conditions, then that worth the risk to put on a half-match, and more about strategy.

Strategy football betting “favorites”

The strategy of the game consists in betting on the favorite, has the dubious reputation. Bookmakers often underestimate the coefficients specifically for the team, which is a priori a contender to win the match, so players should be cautious. How many times has it happened that the odds on favourite extremely low, and the team on the box produces a narrow win. Of course, with the correct choice of favourites, this method will bring plus, more about strategy.

Strategy football betting “Horizontal Express”

Almost every player was faced with a situation where a month is just awful. From black bands, no one is immune, so it makes sense for a short time to change its “win-win” strategy to breathe life into your Bank. Then you can resort to the strategy of “horizontal Express”. Its meaning is to divide the Bank into at least three equal parts and bet on minimum odds, and every victory to make the next bet amount which equals the previous winnings, more about strategy.

Betting strategy football “Game on the forks”

This kind of game is a win-win, that’s just often some bookmakers recognize this strategy of the player and cut the highs in rates. The idea is to find two bookmakers that have bets with completely opposite coefficients. In an example, the totals. One of BK over 2.5 can be 2.05, but on another under 2.5 office can give 2.10. The task of the player to bet on both offices the same amount whatever the outcome, it will be in the black, more about strategy.

Strategy confidence football betting

What can be more confidence in the right outcome? In predicting football matches is more important than nothing. This strategy confidence rate. As you become clear on the meaning of this method playing the BK is to the player, no doubt about the outcome of the match. Confidence rate should be more than 80%, and the ratio should not exceed 1.7-1.75. In this play need only a single and flat. This strategy is resorted to the more experienced, because confidence comes from experience, more about strategy.

Strategy football betting “the odds”

Handicap is a bet in which the player predicts the outcome of the match with the adjustment, they appeared due to the fact that bookmakers are losing money because few people would risk to bet a large sum on the notorious outsider. So was invented the odds, or, as more commonly called, handicaps. Now the odds are offered in bets on the statistics, more.

Strategy football betting “Value betting”

The valuy, and because this is what experienced players call this strategy is quite similar to the way confidence rates, but it has a slightly different feature. In fact, you can resort to the strategy if a player has more than one year deals with bookmakers and understands where to put a high factor, and where not. In addition, for the calculation of “value betting” there is a mathematical computation method, through which you can determine the valuy, more about strategy.

Betting strategy football “on a draw”

The beauty of football is that the probability of a draw is rather high, but the odds on this bet type is very attractive, so with the right approach, the player has a good chance of winning, because betting on a tie. More competent approach is a set system of multiples, which maximizes the chances of winning. At the same time to take draws in one championship, and in different ways, based on the statistics of personal meetings and form rivals at the time of the fight, more about strategy.

Betting strategy for football “Championships”

The bets on other Championships are calculated for a long period of time, or to be more precise, for the entire football season. Bookmakers today offer a huge list of bets, where you can easily find and long-term. The meaning of this bet is predicting the winner of a championship before the season or long before its end. This rate requires special analysis team. The player must keep in mind the strength of the composition and professionalism of the coaching staff, then about the strategy.

Betting strategy football “on the corner”

Statistical rates were always more profitable than attempts at predicting the outcomes of football matches. We all know the expression “statistics are never wrong.” Of course, never is a pretty strong word, but the truth in this statement is present. Prediction of total or handicap corner has become a very common way of playing, because if the coach chooses a specific strategy for the season, the players have to be maintained, thereby submitting regularly the approximate number of corners per match, more about strategy.

Other strategies bets: in live, on tennis.

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